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Light Art Vision is designing and manufacturing own brands and products. All our products are highest quality hand made.

Coming soon: Gamma Angel

Chernobyl and Fukushima are just the tip of the ice mountain. If you are looking for nuclear accidents on the internet, Wikipedia lists more than two dozens Nuclear plant accidents only. The total incidents including nuclear tests are hundreds if not thousands.


In top of that, we are more and more surrounded by Electromagnetic radiation. Cellphones start to use 5G, WiFi is everywhere, LED lighting is sending RF and the good old 50Hz noise interacts on top of all. 


We are currently developing a device, which warns you of ionized radiation (Gamma Rays) and non ionized radiation like electromagnetic radiation. You can wear this sensor like a jewelry, which is always ON. It will alert you when you are surrounded by harming radiation, just like a guardian angel.

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Floranion Magic Cone, Discovery, Shield and Scientific

Plants are living things. They have a metabolism, adapt to their environment, develop defense mechanisms against enemies and respond to influences of various kinds. Only we can not observe this with our eyes without aids.

In the Floranium project, instruments and procedures are being developed to measure, visualize, evaluate and, eventually, understand plant signals.


guideCAST is an intuitive, simple to use public speakers visual timing and signaling system.

At round tables, discussion events, presidential debates or presentations – timing is everything. Each public speaker usually has a given time frame, which should not be exceeded.

With guideCAST, a public speaker watches an LED bar-graph, which represents intuitively the remaining time of his time-frame. Similar to a sand watch, once the bar-graph is ‚full‘, the time is over.

Each guideCAST System is build, tested and re-tested in our Lab in South Germany. Just like Swiss Watches.



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