Training, coaching and workshops

We don’t hide from you what we develop!

Each customer project we split into several tasks we call „Work Packages“ (in German: Arbeitspakete“) or „APs“. The Documentation of each accomplished AP is then presented in a Workshop. The Workshop can be done at clients site or via Video Conferencing. 

Martin Heine explaining a circuit


With such an approach, the project progress is clearly communicated and understood. Misunderstandings, Project Pit Holes and uncertainties are avoided. During such a workshop, each participants ideas can be discussed and added into the actual development state.


Our clear and transparent design engineering process including fully understandable documentation for analog circuit designs or embedded firmware development, From hour one, Light Art Vision adds high value to your projects.


„If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t really understand it yourself!“

Albert Einstein


Let us explain how complicated technology works