Are you paying expensive design engineers for technical administration?

Most graduated design engineers are actually ending up as technical administrators. Efficient, safe, creative and reliable electronic design engineering is dying out. Bills of material updates, supplier management, production problems solving every day. The replacement of a resistor here, or an capacitor there. But all this is boring work and has nothing to do with design engineering. For 90% of those common tasks companies don’t need highly paid design engineers.

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, an engineer learns a lot of math, component behavior, chemical semiconductor effects, numeric calculations, finite elements and thermal behavior. But the actual creative design process, he does not. We identify highly paid engineers who became technical administrators. We help to re-enable their creative engineering where its needed and assign administrative tasks to non engineers. This safes a lot of costs while bringing back innovation and new product design. 

So If you feel you have a bunch of highly paid unmotivated engineers who don’t bring anything new onto the table, its time to act. Give us a call!